RORO precision was founded in 1990. At the beginning, it was mainly engaged in the sales of speed reduction motors. Many equipment manufacturers were troubled by many products in the industry. RORO precision was established in 2006 to focus on providing good machines for the industry. It is hoped that through each machine, the industry will feel the rigor and sincerity of Rollo, so as to establish mutual trust To lead the world together.

RORO always adheres to the faith of being honest and conscientious. Every machine produced by Luo Luo is like his own child who goes to work in other places. Luo Luo cares about him and guards him. In order to provide more comprehensive service, he looks forward to the support and advice of the industry.

RORO precision mainly supplies: servo motor, planetary reducer, reducer, speed regulating motor, frequency converter, governor, right angle deceleration motor, DC brushless motor, torque motor, PLC, servo driver and other industrial intelligent automation products.

RORO precision products are widely used in: robot industry, semiconductor equipment, aviation industry, space industry, automatic storage equipment, logistics automation, photovoltaic equipment, solar energy equipment, wind power generation equipment, wind energy equipment, pipeline transportation machinery, tobacco machinery, packaging machinery, food machinery, printing machinery, electric valve, quantitative pump, beer and beverage machinery, stereo parking equipment, electronic equipment Textile machinery printing and dyeing machinery pharmaceutical leather machinery toothbrush machinery glasses machinery glass mechanical cleaning equipment financial equipment welding equipment cable machinery water treatment equipment environmental protection equipment medical equipment testing instruments chemical equipment mining machinery rubber plastic machinery business machinery and other precision automation equipment

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